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  • Dakine Tools Black Dakine Pyramid Studs 610934187809 10001555
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    Dakine Pyramid Studs

    DAKINE PYRAMID STUDS Studs and stomp pads aren't always necessary, but when you need them, you want to know they're going to work. Our Pyramid Stud...

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  • Toko Tools 6 mm Toko Repair Candle Clear 080500030417 5543041

    Toko Repair Candle Clear

    TOKO REPAIR CANDLE CLEAR 4 pcs - Base repair-stick for base damage. Just light it up and drip the wax onto the base. Provides simple and accurate ...

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  • Toko Tools Clear Toko Base Scraper 4mm 080500008850 5540885
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    Toko Base Scraper 4mm

    TOKO PLEXI SCRAPER 4mm Plexi blade for removing excess wax. Extra wide for snowboards and wide freeride skis.

  • Toko Tools Grey Toko Edge Grinding Rubber 7613186170127 5560026
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    Toko Edge Grinding Rubber

    TOKO EDGE GRINDING RUBBER Grinding block for removing burrs and corrosion from ski and snowboard edges.

  • Toko Tools OSFA Toko Steel Scraper 7613186169930 5542635
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    Toko Steel Scraper

    TOKO STEEL SCRAPER Steel blade for removing base material during structure and base repair.